We are always looking for additional hands to help Free Britney America achieve our goals.

Below are the current positions we are looking to fill. In addition, if you have any skills you would like to offer, please reach out by filling out the contact form below.

We look forward to your help in our cause!


Patrick, Cassandra, Dylan & Erika

Website Coder

We are looking for a website coder with the ability to help us craft a submission form, making it easier to reach out to your local senators, and legislators to demand change.

Hill Insider

We are looking for someone to help us navigate securing appointments with politicians here in D.C.

Media Specialists

To effect change within the probate court system, it requires the attention, and the education of the general public on a national and international platform. Do you have a podcast? Know of a media outlet who would be a great platform for us? Let us know!

Rally Contributors

We had a very successful first rally. However, it’s what is in the future that matters. We are currently planning our next event, and looking for speakers, event planners, and more. We’d love to have your help!